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A Journalism Degree and a Dream...

In 2010 Sean Light left Quinnipiac University with a Bachelor's Degree in Print Journalism in hand and nothing but a dream in his heart. He set out to be a Strength & Conditioning Coach at the highest level of athletics. His first job in the Minor Leagues with the Arizona Diamondbacks showed him the way. He spent hundreds of hours pouring through research and books trying to get as smart as he could. He picked up certification after certification, even becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. With the right combination of hard work and networking, Sean landed a job as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. Currently, as the founder and CEO of 4A Health, Sean wants to teach everyone the science that made him a Strength Coach in the NBA.

What's Everyone Saying?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Larry Nance Jr.

Cleveland Cavaliers

"Sean was a major factor in keeping me feeling strong and healthy during the season."
TD Athlete's Edge

Tim DiFrancesco

TD Athlete's Edge

"Sean is someone that I learn from every chance I talk or work with him. His strength coach skillset is impressive and his ability to connect even more so. Sean's ability to assess and program for performance development is as good as I've seen in the field."
Texas Rangers

Zac Curtis

Texas Rangers

"Sean is by far the best Strength and Conditioning Coach I've had in my baseball career! I personally have worked with Sean going on five years now and have had leaps and bounds in the weight room and also my recovery."

4A Health Club Membership Includes...

The most comprehensive exercise science learning opportunity on the internet. Lead by former NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sean Light PRT, RSCC, LMT, the 4A Health Club will elevate your career.

  • New course every month

  • Exclusive videos and articles

  • 50% savings on premium content

  • 50% off personal and referral therapy

  • 1-on-1 mentorship with Sean Light

  • Live & Virtual Events

  • Private Chat Channel with All Members

  • Networking, Entrepreneurship & Advancing your Career

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the 4A Health Club for?

    The 4A Health Club is for prospective or current fitness professionals looking to develop a foundation of knowledge in which to grow their career. We provide all of the resources needed for any level of fitness professional to thrive.

  • Who is the 4A Health Club NOT for?

    If you are looking to get big results without putting in the work, or think this will be easy without any of the hustle, this is not the club for you.

  • What specifically will I learn from this course?

    You will learn advanced concepts regarding human health and performance in a STEP-BY-STEP process. It is exactly the process I followed to go from my Journalism Degree to NBA Strength Coach.

  • When does my membership activate?

    Your membership activates as soon as you join!

  • Will I be able to consult specifically with Sean?

    Yes! We will start working on getting that scheduled as soon as you register.

  • What if I don't live near New York City, will I still have access to live events?

    Yes! All members-only events will be recorded and placed online in our members-only channels.

  • How quickly can I expect results?

    It's impossible to put a time table on results. It will always be driven by your hustle! You can however expect to have a much deeper understanding of human health and performance in just 30 days.

  • Do I have to complete the work in a certain period of time?

    No! As long as you are a member, the material is yours.

  • How frequently will new information be released?

    Every seven days following your enrollment!