Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introducing RPR
    • RPR Links
    • Jeff Bramhall: COO of Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)
  • 2
    Lymphatic Drainage
    • The Question
    • What does this have to do with Lymphatic Drainage?
  • 3
    Perception of Safety
    • The Question
    • How Does RPR Effect Our Perception of Safety?
    • Week 1 Quiz
  • 4
    Making it Stick
    • The Question
    • What is the Pathway to Making it Stick?
  • 5
    Is This Manual Therapy?
    • The Question
    • What If You Don't Have a License for Manual Therapy?
  • 6
    Neural "Tricks"
    • The Question
    • Neural Tricks
    • Week 2 Quiz
  • 7
    Kevin Durant's Injury
    • My Take on the Kevin Durant Injury
    • Jeff's Take on KD's Torn Achilles
  • 8
    Evidenced Based Practice?
    • The Question
    • Is RPR Evidenced Based?
    • Acute Effects of RPR on the FMS in DII Collegiate Baseball Players
    • Capstone: RPR and FMS
    • Athos and RPR with Amazing Instant Results (VIDEO)
  • 9
    Connecting to Visceral Fascia
    • The Question
    • Is There Any Connection to Visceral Fascia?
    • Week 3 Quiz
  • 10
    Common Misconceptions About RPR
    • The Question
    • What Misconceptions Exist About RPR?
  • 11
    RPR Beyond the Weight Room
    • The Question
    • The Subway Story
    • Survival State vs Performance State
  • 12
    RPR vs. PRI Glute Demo
    • RPR vs. PRI Glute Demo
    • RPR Discount Code for 4A Health Club Members
    • Week 4 Quiz
    • Report CEUs

Enter the Performance State

Understand the difference between survival state and performance state and how Reflexive Performance Reset can get you there.
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Enter the Performance State

RPR Goes Beyond the Weight Room

The wake up drills taught by RPR encompasses performance both in the weight room and out. Enroll to learn how these drills can impact all aspects of your life.
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RPR Goes Beyond the Weight Room