Course curriculum

  • 1
    Be a Dreamer!
    • Be a Dreamer
    • Be a Dreamer! (SLIDES)
  • 2
    How Do You Want to Feel?
    • How Do You Want to Feel?
    • How Do You Want to Feel? (SLIDES)
    • Danielle LaPorte Interview
  • 3
    Goals vs. Desires
    • Goals vs Desires
    • Goals and Desires (SLIDES)
  • 4
    Be Specific
    • Be Specific
    • Be Specific (SLIDES)
  • 5
    Narrow Your Focus
    • Narrow Your Focus
    • Narrow Your Focus (SLIDES
  • 6
    Complete Vision
    • Complete Vision
    • Complete Vision (SLIDES)
  • 7
    • Timelines
    • Timelines (SLIDES)
  • 8
    Obstacles Ahead
    • Obstacles Ahead
    • Obstacles (SLIDES)
    • Make Stress Your Friend | TED TALK
  • 9
    Lifestyle Design
    • Lifestyle Design
    • Lifestyle Design (SLIDES)
  • 10
    Moving Past Goals and Into Action
    • Next Steps
    • Next Steps (SLIDES)
    • Resources


This course shows you how to be a dreamer and how to do it wisely. Don't be afraid to dream BIG because your wildest dreams are a lot closer than you might think.
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Eliminate Obstacles with Ease!

Obstacles are part of any journey. This class will teach you how to manage your mindset so that setbacks don't set you back.
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Eliminate Obstacles with Ease!