Course curriculum

  • 1
    What is Balance?
    • What is Balance?
    • What Is Balance? (ARTICLE)
    • What is Balance? (SLIDES)
  • 2
    Why is it Important?
    • Why is it Important?
    • Balance is a Verb
    • Why is it Important? (SLIDES)
    • Week 1 Quiz
  • 3
    Single Leg Stance
    • Single Leg Stance
    • Why You Need to Feel Yourself Move (ARTICLE)
    • Single Leg Stance (SLIDES)
  • 4
    • Gait
    • All Sports are Gait...Well Most of Them
    • Gait (SLIDES)
    • Week 2 Quiz
  • 5
    Sensory Implications
    • Sensory Implications
    • Integrating Vision Training
    • Sensory Implications (SLIDES)
  • 6
    Functional Single Leg Stance
    • Functional Single Leg Stance
    • Great Toe Mobility
    • Functional Single Leg Stance (SLIDES)
    • Week 3 Quiz
  • 7
    Functional Sensory Integration
    • Functional Sensory Integration
    • Foot Structure and Grounding
    • Functinoal Sensory Integration (SLIDES)
  • 8
    Program Implementation
    • Program Implementation
    • Program Implementation (SLIDES)
    • Week 4 Quiz
    • Report CEUs

Single Leg or Double Leg Exercises?

Here we introduce our "stance" on single leg stance! Power exercises always require both legs (Squats, Deadlifts, etc.) but they may not be as effective for performance as you may think. Let us show you why!
Single Leg or Double Leg Exercises?

Your senses play a BIG role!

The five senses aren't just arbitrary receptors to make us feel good. They are very valuable tools that our body uses to evaluate the world around us. This can be good or it can be bad and you should know how to manipulate them.
Your senses play a BIG role!